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Chocolate Salami 

This Chocolate Salami Dessert looks like salami but it’s not, it’s a dessert! No oven is needed and it’s made with just a few ingredients that you usually already have at home. Hope you’ll like it! View the video recipe here and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also navigate here to see more desserts we’ve made.

Chocolate salami – another easy and delicious dessert for Christmas (or any other occasion). This beautiful and original no-bake dessert is popular in many countries, apically in Italy (salame al cioccolato). It looks like sausage but behind this “sausage” hiding a very tasty dessert.

Quantity: Makes 2 salami

Prep Time:
5 minutes

Refrigerate Time:
2 h

Makes 2 salami

Prep Time:
5 minutes

Refrigerate Time:
2 h

  • 650 g Vanilla tea biscuits (or graham crackers)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa
  • 100 g white sugar
  • 100 g unsalted butter
  • 200 ml milk
  • 100 g chocolate melts

    Step 1

    Using your hands or a large plastic bag, break the biscuits into small pieces. Place them in a big bowl.

    Step 2

    Heat the milk in a saucepan and add the butter in to melt.

    Step 3

    Mix the sugar with the cocoa and add to the milk and butter and stir to combine. 

    Step 4

    Pour the cocoa milk mix over the biscuits and stir to combine, add the chocolate chips and stir to combine.  

    Step 5

    Place a large piece of plastic wrap onto a flat surface and pour half the chocolate mixture on top. Roll the plastic tightly so it resembles a stick of salami. Repeat the process for second salami stick.

    Step 6

    Refrigerate at least 2 h before cutting the salami into slices and serving.

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